/weɪ / (say way)

1. manner, mode, or fashion: a new way of looking at a matter; to reply in a polite way.
2. characteristic or habitual manner: that is only his way.
3. a course, plan, or means for attaining an end.
4. respect or particular: a plan defective in several ways.
5. direction: look this way.
6. passage or progress on a course: to make one's way on foot; to lead the way.
7. distance: a long way off.
8. a path or course leading from one place to another.
9. a road, route, passage, or channel (usually used in combination): a highway; a waterway; a doorway.
10. Law a right of way.
11. any line of passage or travel used or available: blaze a way through dense woods.
12. space for passing or advancing: he cleared a way through the throng of people.
13. (often plural) a habit or custom: I don't like his ways at all.
14. the course of mode or action which one prefers or upon which one is resolved: to have one's own way.
15. condition, as to health, prosperity, etc.: *`Poor chappie, he's in a bad way,' my father muttered as we moved off. –david malouf, 1984.
16. course of life, action, or experience: the way of transgressors is hard.
17. (plural) (in shipbuilding) the timbers on which a ship is launched.
18. Machinery a longitudinal strip, as in a planer, guiding a moving part along a surface.
19. Nautical movement or passage through the water.
20. a long distance: we've still got a way to go yet.
21. very far: she is way out in the surf.
22. to a great extent; much: way too late; way out of sync.
23. Colloquial extremely: she's way cool; open till way late.
24. a long way, a considerable distance.
25. a long way off,
a. at a considerable distance.
b. at a time well into the future.
26. be by the way, to be of superficial relevance but of no importance.
27. by the way, incidentally; in the course of one's remarks: by the way, have you received that letter yet?
28. by way of,
a. by the route of; via; through.
b. as a method or means of: *`See you round, then,' he said, by way of farewell. –helen garner, 1977.
c. having a reputation for; ostensibly (being, doing, etc.): he is by way of being an authority on the subject.
29. come someone's way, to come to someone; happen to someone.
30. give way,
a. to withdraw; retreat.
b. to yield to pressure; break down; collapse.
c. (of a vehicle or driver of a vehicle) to accord right of way to another vehicle: you must give way when entering a roundabout.
31. give way to,
a. to yield to.
b. to succumb to (an emotion, etc.).
c. to be replaced by.
d. (of a vehicle or driver of a vehicle) to accord right of way to (another vehicle): when entering, vehicles must give way to traffic already in the roundabout.
32. go out of one's way, to make a special effort; inconvenience oneself.
33. have a way with, to have a skill in dealing with: she has a way with children.
34. have a way with one, to have a charming or persuasive manner.
35. have one's (own) way, to achieve one's objective in a situation of conflict.
36. have one's way with, to seduce: the local Don Juan was reputed to have had his way with numerous young women.
37. have it both ways, to gain or succeed by each of two contrary means, situations, etc.
38. in a bad way, Colloquial seriously ill or in difficulties.
39. in a way, to a certain extent; after a fashion: in a way he's a pleasant person.
40. in the way, forming an obstruction or hindrance.
41. lead the way,
a. to proceed in advance of others.
b. to take the initiative; show by example.
42. make one's way,
a. to proceed.
b. to achieve advancement, recognition, or success: to make one's way in the world.
43. make way for,
a. to allow to pass.
b. to give up or retire in favour of: the manager resigned to make way for a younger person.
44. not to know which way to turn, to be hopelessly undecided.
45. no way, not at all; never.
46. on the way out,
a. becoming obsolete; ready for rest or retirement.
b. losing popularity.
47. out of the way,
a. so as not to obstruct or hinder.
b. disposed of; dealt with.
c. murdered: to put a person out of the way.
d. out of the frequented way; off the beaten track.
e. unusual; extraordinary.
48. pay one's (or its) way, to remain solvent or financially self-supporting.
49. under way,
a. in motion or moving along, as a ship that has weighed anchor.
b. in progress, as an enterprise.
50. way to go, Colloquial (an exclamation of encouragement, praise, etc.)
{Middle English; Old English weg}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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